Permit Types

Road Cut Permit (Work in Right of Way) - City of Clarence Rockland ($200.0)

A Road Cut Permit (Work in Right of Way permit) relates to any activity that results in traffic disruption, including bins, materials and equipment blocking lanes, or the cutting, excavation, boring, filling, additions, or altering in any way, roadways, curbs, sidewalks, boulevards, ditches, trails, and other areas within the right-of-way. A traffic plan in compliance with the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM), Book 7, Temporary Conditions for traffic plan instructions, may be required.
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Road Entrance Permit - City of Clarence-Rockland ($200.0)

A Road Entrance permit is required to add or reclassify a permanent or temporary road entrance at a specific location. The project of adding or modifying the road entrance may be subject to a Work in Right-of-Way permit that is associated with the Road Entrance permit.